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Welcome to the Military 1st blog on our new website! We'll use this blog for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Announcements about new products and offers.
  • Whatever else we feel like talking about!


Latest Posts

Advanced Gear Research

posted by on Jul 17, 2017 in News
Advanced Gear Research

Last year marked the launch of the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) product line, described as the true manifestation of Maxpedition's avant-garde research and development.

Patriot and Liberty

posted by on Jul 03, 2017 in News
Patriot and Liberty

This week, as our friends across the pond are celebrating their Independence Day, we've decided it's a great excuse to present two of our best-selling fleece jackets, suitably named Patriot and Liberty.

Into the woods

posted by on Jun 05, 2017 in News
Into the woods

Since its debut, Woodland has been one of the most duplicated and altered camouflage patterns ever designed. It is certainly one of the best known...

Tactical Car Ghillie Cover

posted by on Apr 01, 2017 in News
Tactical Car Ghillie Cover

While I was at the shooting range the other week, a thought hit me: my car may look good on the motorway, but in leafy surroundings of the range, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. Is there any way I could change it?

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