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Woodland Camo Shirts & Trousers

Until its replacement around 2006, the Woodland camo was the default camouflage pattern of the U.S. Army personnel, originally issued with the well-known Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). The term itself commonly applies to the U.S. M/81 "woodland" camo, which in turn was derived from the M1948 ERDL pattern, with the same set of colours as the 2nd generation ERDL design but with a 60% magnification of the original drawings. Introduced in 1981, the Woodland camo was a 4-colour and high contrast disruptive pattern with asymmetrical markings in sand, brown, green and black, and proved to work well in most of wooded, jungle and tropical environments. Since debut it has been one of the most duplicated and modified camouflage patterns ever designed, even today used by various military forces around the world, especially for some organizational equipment and uniforms, body armour and load-bearing equipment, webbing and more. The UK based Military 1st online store offers a range of quality outdoor clothing and military style apparel in this universal pattern, including patrol and combat shirts and tactical cargo trousers.
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