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CCE Camo Clothing & Combat Accessories UK

CCE Camo

The CCE camo (Camouflage Centre Europe) is the standard camouflage pattern of French military and Austrian forces. Presented in 1991, shortly after the introduction of the French desert camo used during the Gulf War, it replaced previous TAP 47 camouflage pattern and khaki F2 uniform designs. Being made of a four-colour pattern of woodland shapes adapted for French forests and consisting of olive drab, dark green, medium brown and black, the CCE camo is more complex than it's desert predecessor, and while it can be associated with the U.S. M81 Woodland design, its stripe pattern is in fact thicker and heavier which results in general camouflaging effect rather than the imitation of shapes of leaves or vines. The UK based Military 1st online store offers selection of army style clothing and accessories in this unique pattern, including variety of tactical vests and webbing, as well as combat trousers, jackets and backpacks.
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