6-Colour Desert Camo Uniforms

Originally developed in 1971 and widely used by the U.S. Army in the 1980s during desert exercises and warfare activities (especially the Persian Gulf War), the 6-Colour Desert Pattern is one of the most popular desert camouflages. It's made of a base pattern of light tan and sand, covered with broad patches of pale olive green and wide two-tone bands of brown, dotted with small black-on-white spots that mimic the appearance of rocks. Unsurprisingly, the overall look gave it a popular nickname of a "chocolate chip" or "cookie dough" camo. Although the field experience showed a limited effectiveness of this pattern, which played its part in replacing the 6-Colour design by its more contemporary 3-Colour version, it still reminds well-liked and over the years was chosen by many nations around the globe. The UK based Military 1st offers a range of clothing and accessories in this classic pattern, including quality combat shirts and cargo trousers from Propper.

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