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Flecktarn Camo

Introduced in 1990, Flecktarn camouflage is one of the most known European camo patterns, widely used by all Bundeswehr service branches. Also known as Flecktarnmuster or Fleckentarn, it is a 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-colour disruptive camouflage, the most common being the 5-colour pattern, consisting of both dark and light green, black, red brown and green brown or tan. Flecktarn's characteristic spotty arrangement creates a dithering effect for human eye, which eliminates hard boundaries between the different colours in the same way the squares in the modern digital camouflage patterns do. In general the pattern was designed for use in temperate woodland terrains across Europe and would especially appeal to Airsoft, Paintball and hunting enthusiasts, but also for all fans of bird watching or nature photography. In fact there are two main versions of Flecktarn camo: the 'regular' one provides perfect blend for the very "red" forests of southern Germany, while the 5-farbe Tropentarn ("5-colour tropical camouflage") version, released around 2004, is meant for tropical woodland settings. Available at the UK based Military 1st online store is wide range of combat clothing and tactical accessories in this distinctive camo, including tactical vests and chest rigs, full combat uniforms and headgear lines as well as webbing, packs and backpacks, as well as outdoor and camping equipment.

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